For Resorts

We understand the importance of not just delivering a service but providing a lasting memorable experience. Let Facilipay help you delight your guests with a cashless payments experience that integrates seamlessly with your resort.

Payment methods customized for your Resort

Enhance your guests experience with cashless wristbands or access cards that work seamlessly in your resorts ecosystem. Ideal for resorts with ancillary revenue streams such as spas, swimming pools, fitness activities and more.

Custom branded app for your Resort

We build custom branded apps that reflects your Resort's true brand identity.

Your custom app is the central hub that helps your guests add funds to their account, order ahead of time to any of your restaurants, room service, collect loyalty points and much more.

Rewards and Loyalty Points for resorts

Build your very own brand of rewards program from the ground up

Our proprietary rewards system can easily handle complex rewards scenarios while also offering a host of features to delight your guests.

Conditional Rewards 

For not requesting housekeeping, helping you in your mission to be green and sustainable

Membership tiers

For differentiating between customer groups based on frequency of visits

Integrated rewards

Guests earn rewards for using your services such as restaurants, spas, entertainment etc

Secure Payments

Rest easy, knowing all payments are secured by AIB Merchant services

Digital Wallet

Your guests can add funds to their access card or wristband from the comfort of their rooms.

Flexible solution

Payments, ordering, rewards, promotions and much more, integrated under one platform

Room Service and Ordering

We have all the tools you need to accept orders ahead of time.

Your guests can pre-order to the restaurant of their choice using the custom app. Our software will send order alerts directly to your Hospitality team. Thus allowing you to service customers before they even walk in through to door. The app can be easily configured to accept Room Service orders.


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