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Cashless payments for seamless operations

Facilipay at
Johnson Controls

Learn how Facilipay helped Johnson Controls to create an employee-centric payments infrastructure for their Cork HQ.

Seamless and Flexible Payments

Only closed loop cashless payments offer the flexibility required to seamlessly run several revenue centers for a large audience of exceedingly loyal customers.

With Facilipay, office employees can join a digital wallet for your business, that enable them load funds which can be spent via a contactless payment using their Staff Access card.

Seamless Onboarding
for Smooth Rollout

Our technology delivers immediate and seamless employee onboarding, with each employee receiving an email inviting them to cashless at your organisation.

For new employees starting after cashless has been introduced, there are a variety of ways to add them to your cashless system. Facilipay's onboarding app allows employees to self-onboard, reducing administration. Guests can also be easily added or removed from the system for short periods of use.

Why Preload and Pay

For Business

Get Paid in Advance

Differential Pricing

Seamless and effective promotions

For Customers

Relevant and useful offers

Integrated Loyalty

Convenience with in app ordering

Purchasing Options to improve operational and employee experience in your office building

Order Ahead

Employees can pre-order meals through the website or via app we provide

Room Ordering

Employees can order remotely to their desks or to meeting rooms

Self Service Kiosks

Self check out Kiosks for frequently purchased items

Vending Machine Integration

Convert existing vending machines to accept cashless payments 

Reception Ordering Tablet

Order via docked tablets directly from reception

Back-office Management

View all orders, reports and analytics in real time

Facilipay Campaigns for efficient office buildings

Act on the data you see with LoyLap campaigns to reduce waste and easily amend prices or add discounts directly from one source.

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