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Seamless Payments for music festivals that work rain, hail or sunshine

Take your festival payments to the next level

At Facilipay we believe that the best technology is invisible; and that is exactly how we can power the payment needs for your music festival. With a range of hardware from full-service POS stations, to light handheld phones, we have all the solutions you require for the ideal payments experience for your patrons.

Pay your way

With a range of cashless acceptance methods, facilipay ensures your reporting is as straight forward as your guest’s payments experience.

Own Branded Festival Wristband

Apple Watch

Fitbit Pay

Apple Pay

Google Pay

VIP Payments

VIP Payments for your
music festival

Flexible payments as you need. Load custom branded cards or wristbands with specific sums to give to VIP, include in packages etc. With full backend reporting, it has never been easier to manage comps at your festival.

Festival Wristband

Integrate seamless payments into the heart of your festival and you will see the difference. With Facilipay we will work with you to design the perfect onboarding plan that your guests can seamlessly link a festival wristband with the debit card via a digital wallet so that all guests have the ability to pay their wrist and pay.

Faster queues

Happier Customers

Fuller hands

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