For Medical & Eldercare Facilities

Connect patients with a next of kin to fund internal payments

Convenient Digital Wallet

Sometimes in life there is little room to worry about things like money. Facilipay recognises that in Hospital and Nursing homes, sometimes it’s better to have a next of kin ensure that it is not a worry for the patient.

With our Digital Wallet, any one, or number of, next of kin has the ability to load funds to their loved one’s account for meals and snacks. Funds loaded are immediately made available, and with features like ‘auto loading’ you can configure the account to load by a set amount once the balance goes below a threshold.

Pay with comfort

In Hospital Facilities, cash is carried of germs best avoided. With Facilipay, patients are easily able to pay with personalised rfid enabled wristbands, or staff can simply search them by name through a payments terminal.

RFID enabled and contactless

Search by name
Directly from the payments terminal

Comfortable Payment Options

The Resident's exposure to the technology can just be their wristbands or ID cards. At no point of time do they have to learn about mobile apps, payments, top ups etc. The resident’s family member’s can choose to engage with the app as they desire ie, constantly monitor and top up as they desire or set up a one-time auto topup instruction and not worry about engaging with the app at all.

Case study

In considering how to improve resident’s payments experience and alleviate the hassle associated with monthly payments, the Fern Dean were exploring the possibility of making their nursing home entirely prepay cashless.

Learn how Facilipay helped create a cashless ecosystem at Fern Dean


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