Point of sale hardware as versatile as your
business demands

Hardware optimized for your payment needs

We offer not only the ideal software to take payments as you need them, we also offer the perfect systems to compliment your solution. Whatever your payment needs, we have the right solution for you.

Grounded & Fast

Clover Station 

The Clover Station is the ideal hardware for Static positions with high volume e.g. your typical lunch lane. The large touch screen easily enables staff to select the correct products, with the printer doubling as a payments terminal to accept payments seamlessly.

Small & Powerful Hardware

Clover Mini 

Clover Mini packs all the functionality of the Clover Station into a mightily small package. Clover mini is ideal for less busy lanes, or for being used as a self-service Kiosk and/or receiving online orders made by customers.

clover mini
clover flex

Mobile & Compact Hardware

Clover Flex 

The POS you can carry in your (large) pocket. Clover Flex is ideal for queue busting, or for taking payments where perhaps power and wired internet are not options.

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