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FAQ section

I already have hardware in place, can Facilipay run on that?

We work with a number of large hardware manufacturers of Point of Sale, vending and tablet based systems. These include Clover, Poynt, Verifone, SagePay, Nayax, Payter and others. If your system is not listed please get in touch with our sales team to determine whether an intergration is avaialble.

Facilipay can also provide an end to end solution, including hardware and acquiring services, so if you are looking to upgrade your existing facilities and functionality, please get in touch.

Do people then get charged each time they spend via Facilipay?

No. Facilipay charges the Merchant a percentage of the funds loaded to a customer's Facilipay account. There is no charge when those loaded funds are being subsequently spent at a payment device or location.

What training is provided for use of the system?

We have a number of training services available to facilities of any size. These range from a comprehensive library of training materials and videos which can be distributed to your operational teams to full service on site training bootcamps.

Training is an important part of the roll out process and can be arranged for any combination of specific organisational units including:

  • Operational Teams - floor and bar staff and managers who need POS and basic operational training and resources,
  • Marketing Teams - who manage promotions, loyalty systems and basic system configuration,
  • Facilities Management Teams - who manage administration features, system configuration and advanced back end reporting functions
  • Accounting/ Financial Teams - who need detailed analytical or automated reporting features

Contact us to learn about our staff training and onboarding methodology.

How do system users link an access card or wristband to their Facilipay account?

There are several ways which these accounts can be connected depending on the client's access control set up.

  1. If the internal codes of the cards are on file, then all employee codes can be pre-loaded into the system in bulk.
  2. In the event codes are not available, a tablet device can be provided to allow seamless self-boarding using our tap and connect technology (compatible with most large scale and proprietary contactless technologies).
  3. Accounts can also be linked via any of our POS terminals.
  4. If no existing access cards or wristbands are in place, please contact our sales and fullfillment team for a list of available options and prices.