Smart, Granular, Data-Driven, Customer Engagement.
Harness the power of campaigns to boost your marketing efforts.

Pinpoint Targeted Promotions

Stop guessing and start utilizing actual transactional data to send personalized offers based on


Send offers to customers based on their actual revenue contribution to your business


Differentiate offers between your regulars and sporadic visitors to your Business


Send targeted offers based on your customers' age and sex

Differential Payments

Built in differential payments system that works seamlessly with your POS

Time Limited Promotions

Set custom time for which campaigns can be run. Every second counts.

Product Offers

Run promotions for particular products in your inventory based on the rules you set

Smart and efficient
Campaign Delivery

With Facilipay campaigns you can send offers directly to customers

In-app: Send offers directly to your customers' smartphones; either directly via our app, or through your own branded app

Online: Add a few lines of code to your website to enable your customers to log in and see all available offers

QR Code: Turn your offers to QR codes and print them onto cards or send them digitally to your customers

Targeted Marketing
to keep your customers
coming back

Harness the power of Facilipay to deliver your message to the right customers, in the right place, at the right time.

Achieve maximum effectiveness towards your marketing goals with smart, automated, customer segmentation; ensuring that any offer a customer might receive is the right fit for them.

Seamless Redemptions & Smart Campaigns

Facilipay's deep POS integrations mean that the second your Campaign goes live, your POS is automatically ready to receive and understand the Campaign promotion, and action the transaction as appropriate.

No mass company wide communication nor staff training required; just seamless transactions for effortless marketing.

Get Started with Campaigns

We will help you with your account and our Client solutions team will help you get your Campaigns off to the best possible start.

Create your first campaign in no time!