Bannatyne Health & Fitness Clubs

Bannatyne Fitness club found that their members would generally not carry a wallet or purse around their facilities. This generally meant a lost opportunity in revenue in shops on premises. Thus they required a way to make their fitness club cashless

Our Solution

LoyLap provided an all in one cashless solution. Using RFID and NFC wristbands Bannatyne members could pay for their purchases and access facilities on premises using wristbands provided by LoyLap.

Key functionalities:

  • Make online or mobile purchases, all synced to member wristbands
  • Top up their accounts in advance and purchase vouchers
  • Turnstile access and vending machine integration
  • 70% faster transactions compared to cash
  • All synced directly to the Clover POS

Turnstile access

Seamless integrated with Contactless gate entry into the health club making it quick and easy. This allowed easy access at the turnstiles (PIN not required).

Contactless Payment

The wristband offered contactless payment, which meant members could now pay products in the health club, spa and vending machines by simply tapping their wristband.

Locker Key

Integrated with the new lock system in the changing rooms. Lockers could now be unlocked simply by using a new wristband. By installing a contactless locker, Bannatyne eliminated the need for depositing a £1 coin into a coin slot.

Benefits of using Facilipay


70% faster transaction speed compared to cash operations.


Payments, cashless, customer apps, online ordering, classes booking, access and equipment integration


Contactless wristbands provided a seamless payment experience.


Reduce Cash handling ambiguity, along with cash related insurance and operational costs

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